Beginnings of a Loaf 9

22 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 9

About 13 hours later, I pulled it out of the fridge. The dough still wasn’t quite the consistency I wanted, so I refreshed it again, and left it to sit. I didn’t get pictures of this step.

But really, it looked pretty much the same.

It was at this point, or earlier, that I forgot to add salt. I didn’t remember until the day after I baked it….

Beginnings of a Loaf 8

22 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 8

I wasn’t going to have time to finish baking the bread that night, so I refreshed it trying to get it as close as possible to the consistency I wanted for the actual loaf, and then left it in the fridge overnight.

Beginnings of a Loaf 7

22 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 7

About 4 hours later the starter was definitely ready for another refreshment.

It definitely is quite active, and smells nice now.

Beginnings of a Loaf 6

22 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 6

This is after refreshing it again, and moving to a bigger bowl.

Sorry the picture is so awful.

Beginnings of a Loaf 5

21 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 5

This is about 16 hours after the the third picture in this series. There is an intermediate refreshment I haven’t posted yet, it was on a different camera. Anyway, that one took about 9 hours. So this was about another 7 hours from then. However, that is just when I got home. It was probably ready before that.

Definitely looking more like a poolish or biga or what not now. Smells quite nice too.

Beginnings of a Loaf 3

21 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 3

After about another 12 hours the starter seemed ready for refreshment again. Once again, I forgot to take a picture after refreshing it.

Beginnings of a Loaf 2

21 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 2

This is after about 19 hours, and it seemed ready for refreshment. I didn’t get a picture from after I refreshed it. It may have been ready earlier, it was such a small amount it was somewhat hard to tell. And I was at work anyway.

Unnamed Starter

21 05 2006

Unnamed Starter

This is, again, the same starter. After refreshment, and before going back in the jar and the fridge.

Beginnings of a Loaf 1

21 05 2006

Beginnings of a Loaf 1

When refreshing the starter this time I removed aproximately a tablespoon of the starter to mix with some new flour and water so I could start down the road to making a loaf.

Unnamed Starter

21 05 2006

Unnamed Starter

This is still the same starter from April 09, Still unnamed. This is after I stirred it together, but before I refreshed it. It went nearly two weeks between feeding this time. Probably could have gone more. It does get kind of hoochy in the fridge, but stirs back together beautifully.


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