19 02 2007

After sort of…. erm… uh… let me say ‘neglecting’ my starter for a few months (I’m a bad parent, I know). I spent the last few weeks getting it back up to snuff, and it is better than it ever was before!

It can raise itself, and bread, much more quickly. Has a nicer flavor…. Anyway, I made two small (sandwich) loaves of sourdough tonight. I should have pictures tomorrow. I got a a very nice rise, and a beautiful flavor.

I guess my starter likes the abuse? Not sure really. It definitely isn’t sluggish now though, the starter gets about a 3-4x rise in 5 or so hours.

Third Loaf

11 07 2006

Third Loaf

This one was ‘white whole wheat’ flour. It didn’t rise much at all.
This is interesting and surprising because the sponge for this one rose fairly fast, and quite well. The sponges for the all purpose and bread flour loaves barely rose.

Finished this one in the oven as the grill ran out of steam and it was too late to start coals again.

I’m not quite sure I understand the starter though, the whole loving the wheat in the sponge hating it in the dough is confusing to me. Live and learn I guess.


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