21 06 2006


These are from a recipe in my other main bread book, of which I don’t remember the title. I also am not sure where it is at the moment. Alas.

They turned out well, the one I had anyway. Gave one away. As with my other ones, still not as open of a crumb as I would like.



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22 06 2006

I’ve thought about buying “The Bread Bible,” do you recommend it? I’m addicted to cookbooks and I really want to get some more that are dedicated to bread.

I put a link to your site from my wordpress blog (i don’t know if i’ll ever get my blogger one up and running again), hope that’s ok!

23 06 2006

Sure, that’s fine 🙂 I added a link to yours on here too.

I haven’t done that many recipes out of it yet. There are so many! The ones I have done so far have turned out well. It also seems to have some good stuff on techniques, and equipment and what not. The recipes do tend to be a bit more complex, with more stages and what not though.

The other one I’ve been using is Bread
which has a lot of recipes, and all I’ve done so far have turned out well.

The first bread I made, other than pitas (though I used this book for them too), was out of this book. Pain de Campagne Rustique. It was technically a sourdough, but you use the culture after only 3 days or so. It turned out a bit flat, but good. I guess you could say I was ambitious.

But anyway, I like both of those. If you have any you really like give me the names and I’ll check them out too.

27 06 2013

This is such a great blog!!! Really makes me hungry just reading and looking at the pictures : ) I recently baked my first loaf of bread and it was incredible!!! I used a starter my friend told me about. It’s from Sourdough’s International and now I have to spread the word! I loved it. Definitely going to order more when it comes the time.

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