26 06 2006


This was cooked on a pizza stone on a charcoal grill. It took a bit longer than it would have in the oven as the coals were already winding down from what was cooked beforehand.

It was delicious, and heavenly soft. The bottom got a bit burned though.

The crumb was more open than I’ve had on previous breads, so that was a plus. I did the dimpling you’re supposed to do, but the dang thing sprang it all right back out.



2 responses

26 06 2006

That looks really good! I’ve only made foccacia once and it was in a regular oven. It tasted really good so I’m not sure why I didn’t do it again! So many things to try and not enough people to eat them I guess!

I put some new links on my blog to baking sights I’ve found. Maybe you’ve already discovered them but they’re worth checking out if you haven’t. Also, if you run across anything interesting, let me know! My feeling is you can never have too much information about something you like!

29 06 2006

I really like that site you added. Seems quite interesting.

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