Injera Starter

1 07 2006

Injera Starter

This is a starter for the traditional Ethiopian/Somalian/Eritrean flatbread, Injera.

It is traditionally made from Teff flour. Teff is the smallest grained of the wheat family, the whole grains are about the size of a poppy seed. Hopefully it will be ready soon!

I just started it this morning, and it is supposed to take about 3 days to ferment. It doesn’t seem to mix all that well, a lot of the flour is sitting on the bottom. But we’ll see how it goes!



3 responses

6 07 2006

Was it difficult to find the teff flour? Did you buy it in flour form or did you have to grind it yourself?

6 07 2006

They had it at the Whole Foods near me, as well as whole grain teff. Both were Bob’s Red Mill brand. I want to try to find some from TeffCo as they have both the ivory and the brown versions, and I want to see the flavor difference. I also think that for some things the ivory would make for nicer presentation.

I’m not sure how easy it would be to find in Italy…

I imagine it would be easy to grind though, the seeds are so small to begin with it probably doesn’t take much effort.

6 07 2006

It would not be easy to find here in Sicily…maybe in a bigger city up north but that doesn’t do me much good. If I want anything unusual that isn’t “sicilian,” I have to order it online. I was just curious about it because I had never heard of it. I’m baking more sourdough tonight. I fed my starter and let it sit out today and it expanded so much that it bubbled out of the container and all over the counter. It smells really sour now, I hope it tastes ok.

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