Starter Food

1 04 2007

So I’ve been thinking recently that I’m going to mix up a big thing of multiple flour types, premixed, for starter feeding. Currently, my starter seems to like a mix of whole wheat and white. Since I’m lazy and don’t want to measure them individually anymore, I figure a premixed container would be good.

I think I’m going to experiment though. Keep the same basic ratio I have right now, 2:1 whole wheat to white, but add in small amounts of some other stuff. I’m thinking a little bit each of spelt, millet, teff, and kamut (what I have handy). I figure if people need balanced diets, maybe the starter does too. My hope is also that this will allow the starter to adapt more easily if I want to use alternate flours. We’ll see if it works. I need to get something to put it in first, then figure out a ratio.



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