Been a while…

23 07 2009
Brotform shaped Panmarino


Haven’t made any sourdough in quite sometime, nor baking as much as I’d like but I’ve decided to join in on the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. So far I’ve made Panmarino (Potato Rosemary bread) and cinnamon rolls (as well as cinnamon rolls from Peter Reinhart’s other book, Whole Grain Breads).

The panmarino was meant to have a bit of an experiment in it, I wanted to mix one batch by hand and one with a mixer. That got sidetracked when I didn’t have measuring spoons or a scale at my girlfriend’s house and the salt/yeast quantities ended up different. I also baked some of them a bit too long, but now I know for next time.

I used a brotform for one of the loaves, it actually ended up being the tastiest/best texture!

Brotform shaped Panmarino

The rest of the loaves were just shaped as boules.

Panmarino Loaf

The cinnamon rolls turned out well, although I did have some issues with the amount of cinnamon sugar to put on the dough before rolling it up, I think I have it down for next time though.

The white flour cinnamon rolls definitely had more rise to them, and were softer.

Cinnamon Rolls

The whole wheat (made with white whole wheat, less scary to anti whole wheat people) turned out pretty well. I think they need more cinnamon sugar next time though, as the wheat flavor was kind of dominating the cinnamon sugar, rather than complementing each other.

Cinnamon Rolls

The next project is pane siciliano, I should have a post coming soon about it.

Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge



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