Corn Bread

29 09 2009
Corn Bread Muffin

Baked corn bread muffin

This is an ‘archive’ post (and a small one as there wasn’t much to making this recipe, and I only got 2 pictures). It wasn’t actually in any archives, I just never had the chance to post about it previously, only post photos. The cornbread recipe in Bread Baker’s Apprentice is a bit different than ones I’ve seen previously, never seen a soaker before in corn bread, or bacon. Because of these vast differences I was excited to try this version of corn bread.

Well, as mentioned the recipe starts off with a soaker. I again (as with the Anadama bread) milled some of my home grown bloody butcher corn. It is still a bit tricky to get a coarse milling of the corn with my mill, the bran and little bits of chaff make it very difficult to get a nice clean coarse grind. I need to find a better solution, but for now sifting with sieves will have to do.

Soaker made with home grown bloody butcher corn

Soaker made with home grown bloody butcher corn

The soaker sat overnight and through part of the next day while I was working on another bread (brioche I think). Then it was time to bake the bacon in the oven! I underestimated the heat difference between the bottom and top shelf of the oven and completely, to a nice charcoal crisp, burned the bottom sheet of bacon. Ooops. Well, live and learn. I also forgot until the last minute to get the fresh corn ready, and probably had slightly heavier muffins because I had the batter completely mixed and then had to get the corn in.

I decided to bake the corn bread as muffins (and discovered later I should’ve greased the cupcake papers, again, live and learn). Well, what I discovered in all that baking (and all that learning) is that these was a really tasty corn bread! Although I think I will cut the fresh corn a little bit lower in the recipe next time.

Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge



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