Sourdough Focaccia

4 11 2009

Sourdough Focaccia

I’ve made the Focaccia from Bread Baker’s Apprentice a couple of times before, but never with a sourdough starter. And I guess because I’ve made it so many times I completely forgot to get pictures during the process!

This is one of the easier breads in the book to make, you’re given the option to make the focaccia with a poolish or an overnight retarded dough. I took the poolish option, just adding in some of my starter instead of commercial yeast. I mixed the starter with the water for the recipe, as I usually do, then added it to the flour for the recipe and gave it a quick mix, then it was left to ferment overnight. The next evening I mixed in the rest of the ingredients for the final dough and allowed the dough to further ferment, giving it 3 or 4 stretches and folds during the process. When the dough is ready you practically pour it onto a prepared sheet pan! In my case, this was two pans, because I use smaller pans than the recipe calls for. Some dimpling of the loaf, more fermenting, more dimpling and it is ready to go in the oven!

This sourdough version turned out the best of any time I’ve made focaccia, it had a great taste (just the slightest hint of sour) a wonderful open texture, and just the right amount of chewiness. My friends and I ended up making really yummy sandwiches with it when they were here.

Sourdough Focaccia

Sourdough Focaccia

Sourdough Focaccia

Sourdough Focaccia

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6 11 2009
YeastSpotting November 6, 2009 | Wild Yeast

[…] Sourdough Focaccia […]

6 11 2009

Very pretty! I love the crumb.

6 11 2009

That looks so good! I’ll have to try this out the next time I make focaccia.

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