Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

27 01 2010
Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Loaf

While mulling on the idea of cinnamon swirl bread my mind drifted, as it tends to do, to chocolate and hazelnuts. I ate a square of gianduja, and kept mulling when it came to me, swirl bread with chocolate and hazelnuts! (Really, I’ll add them to pretty much anything I can…) So… chocolate and hazelnuts as the filling for the swirl, but I also made 2 doughs (one with some hazelnut flour and one with cocoa powder) and folded them into each other to try and get a marbling of the dough itself! That didn’t turn out as visible on the inside as I would’ve hoped, but it gave the outside of the loaf an interesting appearance.

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

Makes: 2 large pan loaves

Time: Day 1: Elaborate starter. Day 2: Mix final dough, knead dough shape, proof, and bake.


Ounces Grams Percent
Bread Flour 8 oz 230 g 100
Water 5.25 oz 150 g 67%
66% Levain 3 oz 85 g 38%
Final Dough
Starter 8 oz 226.7 g 64%
Bread Flour 11.5 oz 326 g 92%
Sugar .5 oz 14.2 g 4%
Salt .25 oz 7.7 g 2.16%
Cocoa Powder/Hazelnut Flour 1 oz 28.35 g 8%
1 Large Egg 2 oz 55 g 16%
Oil or Shortening .8 oz 22.1 g 6.2%
Buttermilk 3.1 oz 87.9 g 24.8%
Water 4.6 oz 130.4 g 36.8%
Chopped Hazelnuts 3 oz 85 g 24%
Final Weight (per dough)
34.9 oz 989.4 g 279.2%
Cocoa Powder
Hazelnut Flour
Nutella or equivalent
Oil for brushing


  1. Elaborate your starter however you choose, but ending up with the same flour and water weights. (or make a commercial yeast preferment) Allow it to rise overnight.
  2. The next day cream the starter with the water and oil for the recipe.
  3. Mix together the flour, salt, sugar and cocoa powder or hazelnut flour, then repeat in another bowl for the other dough. Then mix in the starter, water, and oil til the dough just starts to come together. It may be fairly wet, and not quite form a ball yet. Let the dough sit covered in the bowl for 20 minutes
  4. Give your counter or work space a medium dusting of flour and scrape the dough out. With lightly floured hands, give the dough about 5 minutes of kneading then work the chopped hazelnuts in, round the dough into a ball and place it seam side down in a lightly oiled bowl.
  5. Let the dough rise until nearly doubled, and turn it out again onto your work surface.
  6. Degas both doughs and roll them out to about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick. Lay one of the two doughs over the top of the other and fold the doughs in half top to bottom. Fold in half again, left to right. Give the dough a few minutes to relax, and do at least one more round of folding (you can do another two if you’d like, for thinner marbling).
  7. After the dough has rested, cut it in half and roll one half out to about 1/4 inch thick. Mix the cocoa powder, hazelnut flour, and sugar to taste. Spread about 1 inch wide strips of Nutella across the dough (leaving equal sized gaps). Using a pastry brush, brush oil in the gaps and then top with the hazelnut flour, sugar, and cocoa powder mixture.
  8. Once you have added the filling, roll the loaf up as tightly as possible pinching it tight and folding the ends over slightly. Place the loaf into a pre-oiled 9.5 x 1.5 inch loaf pan. Repeat the process for the other half of the dough.
  9. Leave the loaves, covered, to proof, for me this was about an hour and a half.
  10. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  11. Bake for 15 minutes, turn loaves 180 degrees. Continue baking for another 20-35 minutes. Remove finished loaves to a cooling rack and let sit for at least 1 hour before cutting.

This bread is wonderful topped with sliced banana, goes very well with the other flavors. I didn’t get the chance to try it, but my guess is that it would make delightful French toast as well. It turned out pretty much exactly how I was conceptualizing it, except for the marbling not showing up that well. Taste wise though, it was right on the number for what I’d imagined. It can of course be made without the marbling, with just one dough. But then the outside wouldn’t look so nifty, and you wouldn’t want that would you?

This week’s chocolatey and nutty submission to YeastSpotting!

Some Pictures:

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Loaf



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29 01 2010
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29 01 2010

Mmm… this sounds great. Kind of like babka. I bet this would be even better with streusel topping.

31 01 2010

Chocolate in bread form? I’m in. Hands down. Without a question.


4 02 2010
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