Cherry Pecan Bread

9 02 2010
Cherry Pecan Sourdough

Cherry and Pecan Bread

Well, I never got around to updating this post with everything else last week as I still wasn’t feeling well. Still not 100% back to normal, but no fever finally. But definitely feeling better than last week. One thing I found while making this bread, pecan halves don’t distribute that well in dough, just like sliced almonds. So I’ve changed it to chopped pecans in the recipe. Of course, almonds would also be a good substitute in this recipe, as they go pretty well with cherries too. You can use any kind of cherry you want, different kinds will give a different overall feel to it (sweeter or richer). With the cherries being somewhat large pieces, this one tends more towards the Satsuma bread than the Pear bread. You get less frequent, but stronger hits of the fruit.

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Multigrain Pain au Levain

20 01 2010
Multigrain Pain au Levain

Multigrain Pain au Levain

Funny story with this loaf… It was intended to be a loaf made of almost completely spelt flour. This was a great intention, until I went to the flour freezer and noticed the bag was mostly empty. Well, that wasn’t going to work. So I switched tracks and decided to throw in a whole bunch of flour types! I didn’t have much direction in exactly how much of any flour I added, I just went by feel … and how much was left in the bag! So even though it was a rather random assortment of flours, it turned out really yummy. Some sweetness, and a lot of nuttiness in the flavor profile.

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Holiday Bread, In Search of a Name

10 12 2009
Sourdough Holiday Bread

Nameless Holiday Bread

With the call for holiday breads from YeastSpotting last week, I set out to come up with a recipe of my own. I was looking for something that wasn’t just an enriched bread with dried fruits and nuts, as so many holiday breads seem to be. But, racking my brain, nothing lacking the fruits and nuts seemed holidayish enough! So, back to the drawing board. I decided to mull the dried fruit I used in a brandy and orange juice mixture with plenty of spices. The fruits absorbed a lot of the liquid, and most of the rest cooked off. What little was left I used to do a quick sort of glaze on the walnuts included in the dough. I also tried to come up with sort of a Christmas tree shape for the loaf… that didn’t work so well! Read the rest of this entry »

Walnut Pear Sourdough

2 12 2009
Walnut Pear Sourdough

Walnut Pear Sourdough

Last week a friend brought us a box of Korean Pears (delicious, by the way) and seeing and tasting them, I thought they might make for a really yummy bread. I’ve never been a big fan of pears, don’t like the texture, but I hadn’t had asian pears before. The crisper texture, and not quite as sweet flavor was so much better than the pears I’d had previously. The crisper texture also seemed to lend itself better to inclusion in bread, not as likely to get lost. Then it came time for something else to add to the bread, and walnuts seemed like the natural choice. In the future I think I’ll consider adding some chunks of blue cheese into the mix as well, but I didn’t think some of the intended consumers of the bread would be happy with that.

I also decided to experiment with stenciling a bit with this bread, which was partially foiled by the flour from the couche, but by the time I was baking the third of the three loaves I’d manged to get it working a bit better. These loaves were also a testing ground for what differences using a cloche made. I played around with the slashing on them a bit too, somewhat successfully. The loaves that were baked in the cloche definitely had slashes that opened a bit wider, and somewhat crisper crust. The loaf volume appeared to be very similar, that is likely because they were verging on overproofed from being a little too warm when they went into the fridge overnight as shaped loaves.

I was very happy with how they turned out overall, though. The crust has a nice bite to it, while the crumb is creamy and very moist. The flavor has a lot of depth as well, just the slightest bit sour with some nuttiness and graininess from the rye and white whole wheat flours, yet exploding with bursts of fruity sweetness from the pears and nutty richness from the walnuts. Read the rest of this entry »

Méteils au Bleu

21 10 2009
Baked Méteils au Bleu

Baked Méteils au Bleu

This recipe comes from Pierre Nury via Daniel Leader’s Local Breads, this is the second recipe I’ve made from the book (and it went a lot better than the first, which I still need to write up). I picked this recipe because it looked like it would make cute little loaves, and one of my friends is a fan of blue cheese. It had also been a while since I made a bread with a significant amount of rye flour, and that one turned out a bit brick like. I had some trepidation starting this recipe because I had heard of many errors in the book (and experienced some of them in the first bread I made), but I didn’t notice any glaring errors in this recipe.
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Pain de Campagne

13 10 2009

Tabatière shaped Pain de Camapgne

Pain de Campagne loaf in a Tabatière shape

This bread ended up being somewhat abused, but it still turned out very tasty and nice looking! I had planned out the day and while I had a meeting at school, that I was expecting to take quite a bit of time, things still ended up funky. My best estimate for when I would get home left the dough for this bread with about 2 to 3 hours left on the bulk ferment. As it turned out, I had to have my mom give the dough a quick stretch and fold for me and stick it in the fridge. But of course then things started moving fast, so it never should have gone in the fridge…

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Another Sunday… Time to bake!

6 10 2009

Cinnamon Sugar Lavash

Well, Sunday rolled around again and that meant it was baking time! This Sunday brought three separate things to bake, Light Whole Wheat from Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Lavash from Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and a 100% whole wheat loaf from a recipe my mom had found online (it was an attempt to duplicate a store bought bread my dad used to love, but is unfortunately no longer made).

The Light Whole Wheat loaf seemed like it would be great for my lunches this week, and I was hoping the other recipe would be able to come close to that bread my dad liked, he usually has it as toast in the morning. The Lavash was just because I felt like it! The first one I made was the Light Whole Wheat.
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