Wild Rice and Thyme Bread

3 03 2010
Wild Rice and Thyme Bread

Wild Rice and Thyme Bread

I’ve been wanting to make a wild rice bread for a while now, and finally got around to it. I used both whole grain wild rice and wild rice (with a bit of another rice medley) flour. There was a slight… issue with this bread. I wanted to do what I normally do with whole grains, soak them in water overnight so they soften up enough to go into the bread okay. Well, I spaced out and forgot to start the rice soaking the night beforehand. So I tried in the morning a couple of changes of boiling water (I didn’t want cooked rice, just softened some). That turned out to be nowhere near enough, and the rice in the final loaves was extremely crunchy. It wasn’t as bad as trying to eat uncooked rice, but it was MUCH crunchier than anything one would expect to find in a bread. So with that in mind I have to suggest a much longer soaking period, or if that doesn’t work, just cooking the stuff. Other than that, they turned out pretty well. The rice flour mix and thyme added a really nice flavor, and the smell while it was baking was surprisingly thymey, and almost had a hint of fruit wood smoke (like cherry, apple, peach, etc.)!

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