Slash Progress

7 07 2006

Slash Progress

I made this composite image to show how the slash in the loaf progresses from right as it is put on, to a few minutes later, and then even later. You can see how it opens, and the inside rises up inside the slash.

Three Grilled Baguettes

7 07 2006

All Three Finished!

I made three baguettes on the grill today.

This is all three loaves after I finished baking them. The center one could have done with a little more stretching, but I’m glad I didn’t because it wouldn’t have fit on the pizza stone then.

And there seems to be no way to get a nice crust on the top of the loaf, or browned at all etc. on the grill. I do think a cloche or homemade version will help that though.

I am getting a better hang of the slashing now, it keeps improving although the bottom one isn’t quite right, the other two turned out well.

Practice makes perfect!

Pain Polka

7 07 2006

Pain Polka

Again, this isn’t a sourdough bread, but I haven’t had the chance to make sourdough lately so it can go up here too.

Anyway, it’s a loaf of Pain Polka I made on the grill on the other day. The loaf used some dough I froze the last time I made baguettes as a starter and for flavor. My cuts apparently were not quite even, but it still looks nice.

This was taken in the car on the way to the Hollywood Bowl for the 4th of July show, so it is a rather odd photo.

I made a second loaf as well, but I had no chance to take a picture of it.

Both loaves had a very nice crumb, and tasted great. Hopefully if and when I get a cloche, or make my own, I can get it to actually cook all the way through without the bottom getting rather burned. I just picked up a bulb pan and saucer so I’ll be making m own within the next couple days. And maybe get a nice crunchy crust on the top too. Although the crusts I get on the grill are the most pillowy soft and beautifully squishy of anything I’ve made.

I also discovered that for some reason they turn incredibly hard on the outside about 1 day after baking. Don’t think it would in a bag, but we’ll see in the future.


3 07 2006

Other Injera

Well, here are some of the injera. Not sure if they turned out how they’re supposed to or not. I think I may have made them a little too thick, but I don’t know for sure. They don’t look like pictures I’ve seen online. But I think those aren’t from teff flour for one thing. So I’ll have to try them again sometime. They are quite sour though.

Injera Starter II

3 07 2006

Injera Starter Just Before Making Them

Well, this is the starter right before I made the injera. Quite bubbly, and smells pretty strong and sour.

Injera Starter

1 07 2006

Injera Starter

This is a starter for the traditional Ethiopian/Somalian/Eritrean flatbread, Injera.

It is traditionally made from Teff flour. Teff is the smallest grained of the wheat family, the whole grains are about the size of a poppy seed. Hopefully it will be ready soon!

I just started it this morning, and it is supposed to take about 3 days to ferment. It doesn’t seem to mix all that well, a lot of the flour is sitting on the bottom. But we’ll see how it goes!

A name…

29 06 2006

Well, since it is still alive I’ve decided to finally name the current starter.


And I am proud to introduce… AimilĂ­ona. May she fare better than the rest now that she is named.