Sourdough Wheat Panmarino

9 08 2010

Sourdough Panmarino

Sliced Panmarino

I’ve made panmarino before using Peter Reinhart’s recipe from Bread Baker’s Apprentice, this time I kept the concept the same and used my own recipe. I’m submitting some breads to the LA County fair this year and was looking for something interesting to make in the whole wheat category, and the panmarino seemed like a good choice. It also seemed like it would be a good bread for a hike, two birds with one stone! I should also note, I bumped the salt content up slightly for the hike, I’d suggest .4 or .5 of an ounce instead of the .6 of an ounce. It tastes good with the .6 though it may be a bit salt for some peoples’ taste, however that salt tastes yummy on a sweat inducing 7 hour hike!
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